Waimea Fall + Country Ride | Summer break Northshore Hawaii

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Summer break in Waimea Fall + Country Ride

Last week we went to Waimea falls for the first time with our friends. I was so inspired by the beautiful nature there, so I decided to blog about it and share the beautiful pictures I took. We haven’t done many things this summer break yet, so it was a nice break for my husband and I to get out, refresh, and spend time with our friends. Thanks to the life jackets even the kids could enjoy the 10 feet deep water. My husband was so in love with these kids that he almost forget about my existence…jk but no worries! On the other hand, I was also crazy about taking pictures of the kids and all the lovely plants…lol On the way home we also dropped by Country Rides for an asai bowl. This is our favorite dessert in Hawaii! An asai bowl at Country Rides is seriously the BEST!! I could tell because my husband always wants to order one cup for us to share when we order ice cream. But this time he didn’t want to share and got each of us to get our own..lol That’s how good it is.


Content Edited by Sarah Gualberto / Photo credits to Sarah Querido, Johnner Verl Querido, Michael Mosiah Hernando


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