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Family photo| Tropical, Traditional, adorable | Shuri, Okinawa

It was my pleasure to have a session with their first baby, Aine for “Hyakunichi-kinen.” It is a Japanese traditional custom that they let the baby photograph taken to commemorate baby’s 100 days anniversary since the baby was born. People usually go to the traditional photography studio for the occasion, but the parents wanted to have photos taken in outside instead of the formal photo session. I had known them even before they started dating. I cannot believe how fast everything have past. At present, they are a married couple and have first baby, a beautiful daughter. I could not be happier for them.
Honestly I was little nerves about this session because Aine chan was obviously the youngest child that I had ever photographed. In fact, I was expecting much baby’s cries. However, the baby was such an “Orikosan”, a well-behaved baby. She smiles a lot and good at staring at the camera during the entire session thanks to the parents’ help.
The place that we went is called “Kinjyo-tatami” located in Shuri, Okinawa. It is a historically interesting place that many tourists visit every year to see Ishidatami (a stone paved road). I am glad that I end up staying Okinawa little longer than our actual plan to get a chance to photograph people who I love in my home.

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