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Engagement photo | traditional, cultural, rustic |Shuri, Okinawa

We chose the location in Shuri. We went to “Kinjyo-Ishidatami” first, where there is called “Tatamima” open up for anyone in the middle of stone pavement road. In there, you can relax and (yuntaku) like your house and chat with local people and another tourist. And it’s free. I like that both Hawaii and Okinawa have the friendly culture that once we meet, we are brothers and sisters. And after that, we also went to Shuri Castle (world heritage), and there were so many cool elements to include in pictures around the castle. We are amazed by the authentic beauty and a warm atmosphere.

My favorite photo is them standing and holding hands in the authentic stone tunnel in the rock wall. As soon as I saw it, I told the couple “’s gonna be awesome if you guys stand in there.” Even though it was a little bit too high to climb there with skirt and high heel, they were willing to do it. And now this became my favorite image from the session. I am so grateful for their effort and willingness to make it happen.

Marii is one of my closest childhood friend. We were both raised in Okinawa. Since we were a child, we both have the same dream to go to Brigham Young University in Hawaii. And we made out dream come through together. I graduated from there in last August, and she is going to graduate in April. It’s crazy to think that what we talked When I started photography, I told her that I would love to take pictures for her engagement and wedding. And I did not expect that it has happened so soon. I am also grateful for that we got to have a session in Okinawa when she came back from Hawaii for her Christmas vacation with her fiance. I cannot be happier for them. I am just too excited for their wedding in May.

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