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The first time my Indian friend, Coney who is the co- founder of Rice Love shared their charity business idea to help low-income families, I was pretty impressed by the idea and accepted the offer to design bags for them.I designed two illustrations; one with heart shaped rice in hands with traditional Henna Tattoo, and other is an elephant with rice plants pattern on its body. Both designs are inspired by Indian culture and love towards rice.

After they officially launch the business, I was lucky enough to travel to India with the co-founders of Rice Love as a photographer, this time, to document events, people, and their lifestyle in India.

If you buy a Rice love bag, you will feed 1 kg of rice for families in need. How cool is that? Most of us want to help but don’t know how. That’s one way we can help people who live far away from us.
Rice Love happy children

They are children of low-income families but one of happiest kids I have ever seen. We are so happy that we were able to deliver the bag of rice to this family:)

Rice Love Bags

Rice Love Bags

I am proud of Rice Love Bags, and I know this will help so many people’s life in India. And thank you for all who support them:)

Rice Love Portrait

This is one of my favorite documentary portrait that I took. Can you believe I only click one shot, and this is the result:) Indian people are amazing just who they are.

Rice Love portrait

This musical instrument sounded amazing!

Rice Love Children

He earns money by showing magic tricks on the street.Rice Love Children

Since I did not speak their language, I had to use a lot of body language. And this happened when she just mirrored what I did behind the camera.Rice Love ChildrenThey are proud to be Indian and they love their culture so much while many countries forget their identity.
Rice Love childrenKids are the hope of this world because they seek the light and know how to smile even when everything is not perfect.

Rice Love ChildrenColorful India
Rice Love ChildrenStaring at strangers, us.
Rice Love helping handsAbandoned women from society.

Rice Love Children

This girl chased us until I stopped and photographed her.

Rice Love Children

Working all day on begging money from people, but kids never forget to play.

Rice Love portrait

Indian dress. Again, many many colors and decoration!

Rice Love Family

Came across with this family on the street in the middle of the day.

Rice Love Portrait

Some people said Indian people are the most beautiful people on this planet.

Rice Love PortraitThey eat with hands, curry every day. I will not complain.India tour

Yes. I got to ride the elephant!! Crossed off my bucket list.

Taj Mahal

If we faith, all of our dream will come true. I remember when I learned about Taj Mahal at school, I wished to go to visit India to see it. I did not expect that my dream came true this early. Great love story. And all we need in love.

Rice Love co- founders profile
Thank you for the great experience and letting me part of Rice Love family. They are hard working people who want to make a difference in the world. Please support Rice Love:)

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