Querido Graduation

This is kind of a late update but I am so excited this will be my first blog post for my new website. On April 12, 2014, my husband and I, and my two brothers-in-law, graduated from Brigham Young University. Its pretty crazy that my husband, his twin brother, and his two younger sisters came to this university as students, and all of them found and married their partners here within same year. Four of us just graduated at the same time and my two sisters-in-law will be graduating this coming December.  Theirs is quite a unique situation and I really enjoy the relationship I have with them. I am so grateful that I made a decision to come this university in Hawaii, otherwise I wouldn’t have met my husband, family-in-law, also find my passion in photography and graphic design. I cannot wait to see what’s coming next!!

Content Edited by Sarah Gualberto
Photo credit to Sarah Querido Photography, La rue Pulido, and (my husband solo with diploma and last picture in right bottom corner) by Rommel Lardizabal.
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