Okinawa, Japan | best girl friends photography | Casual, Rustic

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Best girl friends photography | Casual, Rustic, funny | Okinawa, Japan

In Okinawa, it feels cold these days that we can not go outside with T-shirt and a pair of sandals anymore. But there is still beautiful blue oceans and magnificent nature throughout the year. The beach that we went does not have any names, a little secret beach that only a few local people knows. I loved there especially for this session because of the perfection of imperfection. Nowadays there are many artificial beaches were made too perfectly. For these three loco girls who have just turned 20 needed the place that they can relax and be natural. So it was a perfect location for them.  I tried to make fans a lot with them to make this session fun and special.
The reason they decided to have a photo session together is that they are best friends but soon to be apart. I am so grateful that I can be part of it to remain their memories beautiful in the pictures. Good luck for their bright future and I hope the friendship will last forever!

P.S. you will never find a better ice cream shop than Blue Seal Ice Cream. It’s the best!!!

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