Kawela Bay, Northshore, Oahu, Hawaii | Fun Family Photo | Surf theme

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I had a great time with the one of the sweetest family that I met As soon as the family arrived in photo location, Kawela Bay, they all took off their shoes, and they were walking barefoot on the dirt, climbing trees, and jumping to the ocean water. First, we started taking pictures at banyan trees area. You cannot get this kind of banyan tree anywhere outside of Hawaii. Huge banyan tree became a great playground for them. Capturing moments of them actually playing and laughing rather than asking them to smile at the camera made better results in photos. All the kids are happy and friendly like to be taken pictures.  The mom had a great idea of taking pictures with a surfboard that they owe, and it turned out pretty awesome. When little ones sitting on the surfboard, the parents and older siblings tried to get their attention to made them laugh. Obviously, both of them did a great job.  I wish the best luck for the family.

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