Northshore, Oahu, Hawaii | Family Photo | De Guzman Family

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Northshore, Oahu, Hawaii  | Family Photo | Fun, beautiful

The De Guzman family have four beautiful children, two boys and two girls. If you see the pictures of only Jasmine (mom) and Jonathan (dad) they look like they could be engagement pictures. No one can guess that these two are the parents of four children. It was a great experience to get to know them and play with their kids throughout the session. They are here in Hawaii for vacation so they wanted to have family photos taken while they are here on this beautiful island.

     I had so much fun with these beautiful kids. The oldest daughter, Kai was a great model. She always had perfect facial expressions and showed such a mature personality at the age of eight. She was a great help by always being happy to help carry the baby when it was the parents turn for their pictures together. She is so gorgeous and such a great big sister. The second daughter, Zara, was shy at the beginning. But, when she was playing with her family, her beautiful smile and laugh was revealed!  I especially like the image of her in the ocean playing with her daddy. She likes to collect ocean shells and draw in the sand. The oldest son, Benny, is really active and has such a cute little voice. He showed me his ninja moves. He likes climbing trees and looking for sticks to hold. Lastly, the little baby is everyone’s idol. He is so charming, and he smiles and laughs like cartoon baby. This was also my first experience to photograph a mother breastfeeding. It was a simple and incredibly beautiful moment. This little baby did a good job in the pictures even though he was fighting sleepiness during the whole session. They all have such different personalities which I loved discovering during short time we were together.
     I love the many candid shots from this session. The kids looked their best when they were alive in the moment without having to try to pose in front of camera. What a beautiful session! Hope you had a great vacation here De Guzman family!
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