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Laie Northshore Hawaii Wedding Photography |  DIY, Romantic, Simple, Classic

     It was an extremely hot and humid day in Hawaii. We could barely open our eyes under the blazing sun and felt the heat coming out from the ground. As a photographer, I tend to escape to shadows for pictures around noon, and they turn out really pretty!! But all we had was a beautiful blue sky and the ocean. Of course, we are in Hawaii!! So regardless of time and lighting,  we had to get out and take pictures with that blue sky and oceans. Thank you for Steven and Shirley for your willingness and energy try so many different things under the intense daylight.
     The bride, Shirley asked her bridesmaids to wear white dresses. Before the bride came out from Temple, some of the bridesmaids were worried about wearing white dresses, the same color as the But it’s so cute that Shirley really wanted to match in white with her bridesmaids. Other brides tend to pick different colors for their bridesmaids so they can stand next to them on their big day.
     One of my favorite times during a wedding is taking ring detail shot! I just love how I can be creative for this shot in so many ways, especially by adding small pieces of nature such as leaf, branches, and flowers. This day, around the entrance area at the reception, I found a beautiful monaco blue textured design on the floor. So I arranged the rings there with the a elegant leaf that I took from weeds by the garden. It was just gorgeous!!
     Look at these decorations for the center table, wall, and wedding cake! These are all DIY! Their friends made them by themselves. What talented and creative friends they have. Even though I could not understand the language they were speaking during the wedding and reception, I completely felt love and welcome from bride and groom. The bride’s parents were also so nice and hugged me to tell me how much they appreciated me for taking pictures. Its things like these kind words that keep giving me reasons to keep doing photography and become better. I am grateful for being a part of Steven and Shirley’s wedding.
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