Kokololio Beach Park, Northshore, Hawaii | Family Photo

Kokololio Beach ParkHauula beach

Scharkowski family is visiting in Oahu for a vacation. They have lived in Hawaii for few months when they are newly married. It’s their first time to come back to Hawaii as a family.   We set a date to have a photo session at Kokololio beach park, Northshore.  I cannot complain about this scenario; magnificent nature, big grass field, blue ocean, unique textured rocks with the happy and loving family.North shore family photoNorth shore family photoHauula beachHauula beachHauula beach

Look their excitement when the children see largest pool has the waves, the wind, and sand. It’s an ordinary thing for local kids in Hawaii but them. The parents look happy seeing them enjoying in the water.

North shore family photoHawaii family photoNorth shore family photoNorth shore family photoNorth shore family photoNorth shore family photoDaddy and daughterNorth shore family photo

Natural benches with this adorable family. I can not ask more!
North shore family photoNorth shore family photoNorth shore family photo

When the sunshine came out from the cloudy sky! A picture of a dad and a mom and a baby bump. It’s simple and beautiful. cute couple maternity poseNorth Shore Rock LocationNorth Shore Rock LocationNorth Shore Rock Location

Ohhh how I love them with a baby bump in front of the unbelievably awesome textured rocks. You guys Rock!!North Shore Rock LocationCute maternity photo

Regardless the worries about the blowing hair of the mom due to strong wind and ocean waves, everything turned out pretty perfect! The wind added beautiful details in these photos. I love how a mom and a dad wrapped their arm around her baby bump tightly. It showed their strong relationship and love toward each other. Gorgeous family Hawaii

North Shore Family photoNorth Shore Family photoNorth Shore Family photoNorth Shore Family photoNorth Shore Family photo

Often it is not so easy to make the kids smile in front of the camera, which I totally understand why because entirely stranger like me suddenly showed up and chased them with a gigantic camera. It can be a little creepy for some kids…lol This image above is when the parents tried to make them laugh while they are standing at the back of my camera. I did not see what the parents were doing, but this apparently shows that parents know how to make them smile. Thanks to the parents’ help, I was able to capture this beautiful smiles. North Shore Family photo

Thank you Scharkowski family for your kindness and hiring me to be part of making memories together in Hawaii. I hope these images will last forever with the memories a year and after.

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