Khaliun is my friend from Mongolia. We wanted to do something different as usual such as studio photography…..  but we are no money courage students. Of course, I don’t have any equipments to do it.  And I remembered about Sue Bryce, she is a portrait photographer who always use window light to take beautiful pictures of women. I have been following her on facebook and her blog because she is such an amazing photographer who are giving and has been inspiring me since I knew her.  I let Khaliun see  her website, and she love her works, so we both agreed with TRY to take pictures  at my house by using windows. I know it might seem to look too far from what Sue Bryce dose, but I also know that it worth trying what I can do with what I have right now…:) After I shot this session, I repented myself that I always complained about what I don’t have, but instead, I became humble enough to think that I have already enough to take beautiful shots thanks to Sue Bryce and  natural light, which is giving to all of us for free. Loving this feeling…..

P.S. after this session, we went to take some shots outside, around parking area at my apartment, to take whole body shots because she looked really good on this outfit.









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