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I recently had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful Mizoguchi Family. And just after a sweet new baby joined their family! They wanted to have a family picture taken here in Hawaii before they went back to Japan, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to take their photography.

I can’t believe that it has already been three years since I met them. When I met their oldest daughter, Saya, she was only a three month year old baby. I feel like it was only a short time ago that she couldn’t speak, but at this session she understood everything that I asked her to do, and could already talk like big kid. Time goes by so fast that it seems that life can pass before our eyes before we even know it. However, one thing that helps people remember and hold on to life’s moments are pictures. I felt so much joy about what these pictures can offer them, and that they can be valuable to their little family after the years. This little girl Saya has changed so much within three years, and she will be a totally different girl in three more years. I think it will bring them a lot of happiness to look back on these pictures and remember these moments.

I personally respect the Mizoguchi family a lot. Their kids listen and obey the parents, and the parents listen and guide their children. And they laugh a lot. These simple beautiful things make this family strong. I have seen them go through difficulties together, especially when the mother was pregnant and had terrible morning sickness the whole pregnancy.  I learned a lot from her great example about being a good wife and mother, no matter what the situation is, and that family is the most precious, and important thing, in the life.

Photography for me is not just about simply taking pictures, but definitely something more than that. It is kind of a spiritual life leaning experience for me. As I become better and better in photography I feel that I am becoming a better person. What a great job I have to capture love with the beauties God has made for us! It was great session.


Content edited by Sarah Gualberto

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