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Hawaii Northshore Wedding | DIY, Kimono, Classic

 This was a special day! I had the opportunity to document my friends wedding. Before they came out of the temple it suddenly started to rain heavily. There are so many beautiful spots at the Laie, Hawaii Temple, but not many places to hide from the rain. We hoped the rain would stop for their special day and fortunately, by the time they came out from the temple, the rain just went away. What a blessing!!! Not only that, even though it was at noon time where the light can be the harshest, the clouds were there to soften the light just right to the point where it was even magical. Without the rain, we could not have achieved such beautiful lighting.

In Hawaii it rains a lot, so many times during photo sessions I have encountered rain. Photography in a rainy condition can be really difficult, but it always turns into a blessing after rain stops. The Huish Family and the Kara and Justin’ post wedding are great examples of this. I had experienced rain during both of their sessions and each time a rainbow appeared for the ending. This time, for this wedding, the rain made a beautiful and soft light in the middle of noon. Without the rain these types of miracles wouldn’t happen! I love the rain in Hawaii.
As far as I know, Hana and Spenser are destined for each other. Since they started dating it didn’t take long for Hana and Spenser to realize that they wanted to share their lives and eternity together. And it was easy to see what a perfect match they are through their same love for art and the way they did all the DIY reception decorations. Can you believe they made everything DIY? I especially found the wood arch with the Christmas lighting incredibly beautiful. They told me that Spenser cut the wood from mountain and made it by himself! Together they are both talented artist.

The bride is from Okinawa, Japan and the groom is from Hawaii, so both cultures were represented during the reception. They changed from their wedding attire to a Kimono during the reception and then had a program with the hula and a Tahitian dance. I love to see a mixed culture wedding.


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