Hawaii Laie Temple, Bekini Beach Wedding : Lane + Jerel

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Hawaii Laie Temple, Bekini Beach Wedding

I am so happy for Lane and Jerel and their marriage. Lane and I used to work together as Japanese Sales Agents at the Polynesian Culture Center while here at school in Hawaii. At that time I was a starting up photographer and had asked many friends to be models for me so I could practice manual mode, posing, and lighting in different situations. I always wanted to take pictures of her, but before I get a chance to do it she graduated from school and left Hawaii. But, not long after, she got engaged with Jerel and messaged me to be their wedding photographer since they wanted to come back here to have their wedding in Hawaii. What a wonderful opportunity to be their photographer.

Well, I have been taking pictures of weddings at the Laie Temple for some time now. People say to me all the time, “I want my pictures to look totally different from others”. They want their session to be completely UNIQUE. It is a great challenge, seriously…lol !! It pushes me to try different angles, framing, and open my eyes to look for beauty that I might not have seen before. It makes it so that I am pushing my creativity more with each wedding. So this session was really exciting because as I was photographing the two of them together the ideas just kept coming and I just couldn’t stop snapping shots. I thought that before I had stretched my creativity to find almost every key shot at the Laie Temple, but this time I found more beauty that I have never recognized before.:)

After, we went to Bikini Beach close by the temple. We found a beautiful swing already built and waiting like someone had knew we were coming. Yay!! We had to use it! I love Bikini beach even though tons of photographers in Hawaii might not even care or know about this place. Its not on the tourist map and then to make it even more hidden is the fact it is found in the such a small town. But I love it:) There is a rustic staircase, crazy shaped trees, huge rocks, calm waves, and is topped off with a mountain backdrop. Doesn’t that sounds perfect? Yes, it does! In fact, I love the fact even more that people don’t know this place because we could take a completely monopoly of the beach and have our own private session:)

Lane looked absolutely beautiful in a mermaid dress and Jerel was definitely a handsome match standing by her. You guys are luckiest to have found each other. Good luck with everything in your new life together.

Content Edited by Sarah Gualberto

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