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Happy Father’s Day

For all fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day!!

I just wanted to express the appreciation especially to my husband (picture on the right) to be kind and supportive to my dream, and my father in law for showing great examples to be loving and lead our family. I am so happy for Jame, my husband’s twin brother, became a father of a baby Logan. I am so grateful for to have my younger brother who is kind, mature, and my best friend and also my brothers in law who treat me with care as a part of their family.There are many great people who are men have affected my life. I cannot thank enough. Thank you all for being there. We love you from bottom of our heart:) xoxo

When my husband and I visited in the Philippines, we decided to have a family photo together! These photographs were taken in the middle of a massive shopping mall, green hills. We did not have much time and had no idea where we are going to take pictures in the busiest city, Manila. As soon as I found ivy and white flowers in the small courtyard, I posed them in front of it and started to take pictures. We can always find something beautiful everywhere we go, and it’s worth it to make extra efforts to gather and capture moments as a family even when we think we don’t have enough time for it.

gorgeous family photo

My husband’s family in blue

family reunion photo

parents and siblingsbeautiful sisters

And beautiful sisters
happy father's day

Fathers and future fathers

couple with gorgeous background

My sister and brother in law, Dauanie + Jeff

natural beautiful headshot

La Rue, my sister in law. Her husband, Trent is missing due to his job interview. We will all gather next time:)
extended family photo

My husband + I <3 / My husband’s twin brother and his wife and the baby, James + Emika + Logan

family in blue and natural location

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