Gumball & Bubble Gum Machine | DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas For Toddlers

In this tutorial, I am going to show you DIY Halloween Costume for toddlers in 2017. This is part 1 and we had so much fun making GumballMachine costume. It is not scary but cute, easy and affordable to make, and it is colorful and adorable outfits for active toddlers. There will be two more videos coming soon! (cupcakes and pinata Halloween Costume)

gumball machine cosumtes gumball machine costumes DIY

Materials you need

1. Pompoms – I bought 4 bags from a dollar store.

2. Red pants or skirts

3. One sheet of black and white paper ( If your toddler is super active, consider using felt fabric to avoid tears )

4. A black pen

5. Jumpsuits

6. Glue gun

First, you put glue on the pompoms and start placing them on the top of the jumpsuit. You can use the jumpsuit that is already old, stained, or you can buy them inexpensively from goodwill or salvation army to save money. Make sure to mix all the colors before putting on it so that it will be balanced and colorful. After you are done with it, you can flip it and do the same thing at the back too. The second step is to cut the black paper into a rectangle shape and cut the black paper into the smaller rectangle shape. You put them together with glue and the draw prices and the coin Mechanism on it. Last, you put them on the red pants with a glue gun. If your toddler is super active like my baby, you can also use felt fabrics. Done! That’s it! It is super easy and took less than 1 hour to make.


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