DIY wedding props | Beach picnic theme photo | Hawaii, Oahu

Hawaii, Oahu| DIY wedding props | Beach picnic theme photo

I recently took their post wedding pictures and these are the props that we used in their photo shoot. Most of them are DIY. We made them together! We are both students and wanted to make something that is affordable but really pretty! So we decided to make wedding decorations together. And eventually we made a book together! “DIY wedding”(Feel free to check the link here) It is not for sale or anything but free to read for everyone. I would like to also share what we made together on the blog.
We found this paper flower bouquet template by Lia griffith . Even though we spent a long time making each flower, (with a pencil, scissors, and glue gun as our only tools) and our hands were sore after we finished, the result turned out so good. On the website they have tons of pretty flower bouquets that you must try!! I will definitely be making visits to this website often.

Sarah Gualberto is the one who made the origami crane earrings. She is such a talented crafter!This deft of hand must come from the Japanese blood in her. She also helped me edit the content for this book. Without her, I could not make this happen.

There is more great information about DIY wedding ideas in the book.  Check this out! if you are thinking of making wedding decorations by yourself, or you are like me who love to be crafty for fun. Everyone have a beautiful day!!



DIY picnic beach wedding photo

Check out their beach picnic theme post wedding photos and also engagement session!!!!!!!

Content Edited by Sarah Gualberto

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