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Nature inspired contemporary portrait photographer

This was such an inspiring photo shoot two years ago with beautiful Amy who has incredible hair with a gorgeous white dress. Every time I saw her, I always wanted to do a creative photoshoot with her because she has an impressive feature and her hair is just so amazing! And she totally nailed it! My favorite image from this shoot is the one that she is closing eye, and her hair grows like tree branches. There is something about this image makes me cry. I always like to photograph surrounded by nature, and so many of my inspiration comes from nature. And it shows a beauty of life becoming one together.

I collaborated with Monique Saenz who is also a photographer, and she is my first teacher for a photography class in the college. We brought props that we picked up from the road such as leaves and branches. I loved everything about this setup and earth tone.  The backdrop is a canvas that what the images make it look like almost a painting. I will definitely love to do more sessions like this. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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