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Awesome beach shot

Okinawa, Japan | best girl friends photography | Casual, Rustic

Best girl friends photography | Casual, Rustic, funny | Okinawa, Japan In Okinawa, it feels cold these days that we can not go outside with T-shirt and a pair of sandals anymore. But there is still beautiful blue oceans and magnificent nature throughout the year. The beach that we went does not have any names, a little secret beach that only a few local people knows. I loved there especially for this session because of the perfection of imperfection. Nowadays there are many artificial beachesView full post »

High School Senior Hawaii

Beach in Oahu, Hawaii | High School Senior photo| natural, happy, beautiful

 High School Senior photo | Beach in Oahu, Hawaii Alessandra and her family were here visiting their relatives who live here in Hawaii. Since she was here in such a beautiful place, Alessandra saw this as a great opportunity to have her high school senior photos taken. The place they are from is totally different from here- there are no beaches and tropical plants. She also able to add a beautiful Hawaiian accessory after she was given a pretty hand-made tiara flower from her family friends.View full post »

Lanikai Pillboxes

Lanikai Pillboxes and beach in Hawaii | Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation in Lanikai Pillboxes and beach in Hawaii We’ve been living in Hawaii for more than three years now! I thought we have pretty much been to all the places in Hawaii, but we realized that we have never been to the Kailua side.  We went there for our first time with our lovely friend, Halia, who is local, and who was the perfect tour guide for us. We woke up early in the morning and started hiking. We were blown away, I cannot believe what I was seeing with my eyes. I lookedView full post »

hawaii waikiki Parasailing photo

Hawaii Waikiki Diamond Head | Parasailing | My Birthday tour

June 30th was my birthday and I turned 23 years old. At midnight my family and friends came over to my house to surprise me and celebrate my birthday. We went diamond head at noon, and parasailing in afternoon. I cannot believe my husband he hates hiking!! But he HIKED with me to make my day special. It was a great experience to do parasailing for our first time. The view and air in the middle of the ocean…I cannot even describe it well. It was fabulous. After, we went toView full post »

Waimea summer break blog

Waimea Fall + Country Ride | Summer break Northshore Hawaii

He is shaking but never forgets the shaka signNow I finally understand what Synigan is. Love Filipino Synigan soup. Favorite moment of the dayYes!!!! Asai Bowl is the Besttt!!!! Summer break in Waimea Fall + Country Ride Last week we went to Waimea falls for the first time with our friends. I was so inspired by the beautiful nature there, so I decided to blog about it and share the beautiful pictures I took. We haven’t done many things this summer break yet, so it was a nice breakView full post »

Querido Graduation

This is kind of a late update but I am so excited this will be my first blog post for my new website. On April 12, 2014, my husband and I, and my two brothers-in-law, graduated from Brigham Young University. Its pretty crazy that my husband, his twin brother, and his two younger sisters came to this university as students, and all of them found and married their partners here within same year. Four of us just graduated at the same time and my two sisters-in-law will be graduating this comingView full post »

New Year 2014

I bought a camera about a year ago, and it has changed my life. Last year, I had a desire to learn photography, but I could not imagine actually being “a photographer.” As I learn photography, my passion grows more and more each day. Within last six months, I had more than 20 sessions. Each sessions was really important for me to learn something new and become better. You know…..I am full time student and have part time job besides photography, so I had a crazy schedule. ButView full post »

Christmas Lagoon

For a while ago, I was organizing the pictures from last year, and I found the pictures of our Christmas date  with my husband. And I thought I have to share those pictures on the blog. We did not have a chance to do anything on Christmas day, but in advance, me and my husband went to Polynesian Culture Center to have some fun. This is the only place that you can see Christmas lights while you are on the canoe, and the reflection of lights from water was absolutely gorgeous.  View full post »

Senior | Ellen

I had a senior photo session with Ellen who just graduated from college. To remain her memory of college life in Hawaii, she requested to take photos on campus, and it was such a challenging and more fun experience to take photos in school. She said she likes to read fashion magazine….  We can tell by how she poses and her facial expression right? It was fun working with you!! Good luck on your future career:)    View full post »