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Wedding photography| rustic, classic | Bekini beach, Hawaii

A year later after their marriage she decided to wear her wedding dress again to take post wedding photos on this beautiful island, Hawaii.

Many girls tend to have regrets about their wedding. For example, they should have picked a different dress, did different make-up, a different hair style, different decorations, a bigger bouquet, used different colors, had a different honeymoon, and planned better programs. It’s not rare for people to say, “I want to do my wedding again…I could do it better.” But unfortunately, most of the time, there is only one chance in your life to prepare for your wedding. If you think about it you might realize that one can’t make their wedding perfectly perfect! And it doesn’t have to be perfect! I think the most important thing for people to remember is to keep focusing on the things that matter the most about a wedding.

Photography is one of the only ways that you can keep your memories of that special day with you.

I am grateful that she cares a lot about photography and hired me to take their post wedding photos. It’s never too late to do post wedding pictures, and it is a valuable thing to do for a wife and husband so these memories may remain captured decades later.

On that day the wind was really strong on the beach and it made her dress and hair gorgeous and dynamic.I hope these photos remain as a beautiful memory to them forever.

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