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fashion magazine portrait

Melica | Ballet dancing theme portrait

Ballet dancing theme portrait shoot with gorgeous Melica. I made a tulle skirt and painted the creamy gold canvas backdrop for this photo shoot. The goal here is to create images that are different from regular photographs in the way that artistic and elegant. I wanted to look like a painting. I always had the vision to do this kind of portrait and as soon as I met Melica on the mall, I thought she would be the perfect model for this and it turned out to be greater than I was imagining.  I amView full post »

hawaii portrait photographer

Aminata | double make over model experience

As soon as I saw Aminata on the mall, I knew I have to photograph her! She has a such a beautiful defined featue that I just could not stop looking at her. Going back and forward thinking whether it is a good idea to ask her contact number, Finally, I made my mind and said “Hi, You are so beautiful. Could I photograph you?” She was so kind and replied, “Yes. I always wanted to do it” I already had an idea to make her wear a black dress with black tulle with. The resultView full post »

Moden fashion style portrait

Saenz’s mother and daughter | magazine portrait style

Saenz’s mother and daughter | magazine portrait style We had so much fun with gorgeous mother and daughter glamor photo shoot. They spend most of their time at the beach, so they usually wear more lay back clothing and swimsuits. The mom, Monique is also an amazing photographer, and she is like a big sister to me. She has the most beautiful red hair that I always wanted to photograph. The daughter, Naomi has three brothers and does not dress up or curl her hair usually. This was a greatView full post »

fashion style portrait

Maternity magazine style portrait | Mary

Maternity magazine style portrait | Mary Mary’s gorgeous maternity glamor session. She is so excited to become a mom and I wanted to capture this important moment of her life in the contemporary magazine style. We made a dress by wrapping the pink tulle to fit her body to show a beautiful bump. The image is my favorite and I like the hair movement and it looks like a painting. Makeup & Hair by Piper ChunView full post »

Destination Wedding Photographer | Tokyo, Japan

Beautiful post bridal portrait with Marii and Seiya in colorful falls in Tokyo, Japan. Marii is my childhood friend. We grew up together, went to the same college, and became mam only three weeks apart. I was so happy to have a chance to photograph their post wedding shoot. They have been happily married almost two years, but they had not had their wedding photos because all the digital files from the wedding were accidentally lost. Since I was visiting Japan, she asked me to photograph themView full post »

Kahana Bay, Oahu | Family Portrait Photos | Surfing Lifestyle

Surfing Lifestyle Kahana Bay, Oahu | Family Portrait Photos   It was an honor to photograph Saenz Family at Kahana Bay. Monique, the mom is my very first photography teacher, and I used to work as her assistance while I was a student. She takes a lot of pictures of her kids daily, but she is not always on the pictures. So this time, it was a great opportunity to see all of them in the same photos. Saenz family are always on the water, so they decided that they wanted to have a lifestyleView full post »

manoa fall family photo session

Manoa Fall, Oahu | Lifestyle Family Portrait Photographer

Ogaki Family | Lifestyle Portrait Photographer | Manoa Fall, Oahu Ogaki Family is leaving from Hawaii after his college graduation. Before they head to Japan, they wanted to take beautiful family photographs with exceptional nature in Hawaii. They specifically requested to include many green landscapes, and they ended up choosing this location since they loved the engagement shoot that we shot last November! Everywhere you look at Manoa fall, they are all breathtaking. It was fun and an honorView full post »

Oahu Photographer

Courtyard Oahu North Shore – Marriott, Laie Point | Oahu Wedding Photographer

Asuka + Josh | Oahu Wedding Photographer | Marriott Hotel  & Laie Point In one of the classes in college, Josh had crashed on Asuka and was used to sit at the right back of her to get noticed. Regardless of his effort, she did not recognize it until he asked her phone number to go on a date. At that time, he was so nerves and left without even letting her know his name. It took only a few weeks for them to realize that they are the ones for each other, and the rest is the history.     View full post »

contemporary portrait photo

Contemporary portrait photographer | Nature inspired

Nature inspired contemporary portrait photographer This was such an inspiring photo shoot two years ago with beautiful Amy who has incredible hair with a gorgeous white dress. Every time I saw her, I always wanted to do a creative photoshoot with her because she has an impressive feature and her hair is just so amazing! And she totally nailed it! My favorite image from this shoot is the one that she is closing eye, and her hair grows like tree branches. There is something about this imageView full post »